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alphabetical book

ABCs are the first step in learning and it can be fun, especially when the ways of learning are interesting and interactive.


To teach kids HOW to think and not WHAT to think; you need to alter HOW you teach, not WHAT you teach.


AR allows the integration of digital information with real-world environment making the alphabets as vivid and as “real” as possible.


Scifikids - An Amazing App

The ScifiKids app is an amazing way for kids to learn the alphabets. ScifiKids’ instant image recognition technology brings learning to life, by giving the child an ultimate interactive 3D experience of the object of learning.

The ScifiKids app is available on App Store and Play Store with free upgrades. The app works seamlessly on your smartphones and tablets, even when they are offline. Above all, children experience learning!

A Whole New Way to Learn

The ScifiKids app presents a new approach for the kids to learn the alphabets. The interactive learning helps the children in letter recognition.


App Features

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Works seamlessly on smartphone
  • Interactive 3d experience
  • Instant image recognition
  • Lightweight
  • Free upgrades
  • Works offline

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